Author: Rizzal Hopper
Written on 15th July 2012

Ryan loves taking a midnight walk down the park when everyone’s asleep. As he walked a 2 kilo-metres wide-park with his pair of headphones, he discovered he left his “life” at home which is his mobile phone. He never leaves his mobile phone because his girlfriend, Emily will “torture” him for reply-less text messages. Ryan was walking when suddenly he heard a disturbing sound. He quickly runs to the place where he heard. It was something so terrible. He saw 4-men with hockey sticks beating up a wimpy-teenager. Ryan could not go into the fight as he knows he would be trashed. But still he did not want to run away because he could not afford to see someone being beaten up. So he hid near a bush to help the pity teen after those rogues’ leaves. The wimpy kid was killed in the fight because his body could not take much attack. Those rogues were scared and did not expect the boy to die. They only wanted to trash him for some problem they had with him.

Ryan panicked when he witnessed the harsh murder knowing he would get caught by the rogues. Eventually he does get caught when a cat ran out of the bush beside him. The rogues saw the cat hence went towards the bush Ryan’s hiding in. They planned something so devious. It was to accuse Ryan to be the murderer instead of them. Ryan knew whichever ‘path he took would be dead-ends’. The rogues threatened Ryan to be the suspect but he tried to escape when one of the rogues hit Ryan on his head. He was left unconscious by the rogues during midnight and woke up in the police station in the morning not realizing what happened as he took a hit in the head so he can’t remember anything. The police tried telling Ryan about his family and more but he still could not remember the incident that happened last midnight.

The police too do not know what happened. The only thing they do know is that a teenager was murdered during midnight and Ryan was the only one there. After a little inquiry at Ryan’s school and home, the police find that Ryan and the murder victim are always arguing and fighting at school. They also find that Ryan were involved in several school problems and cases such as vandalism and bully. Also, Ryan was at the crime scene when it happened. Therefore, the police have a strong-set of evidences. Ryan’s alibi was a failure as his mother also said he went walking at the park. Ryan’s in hot-water even when he is not clear of what happened and did not commit the murder. After the judge at the high-court proved him guilty, Ryan was sent to juvenile. He was sent there because he could not be given the death-penalty as he is not a matured adult.

At juvenile, he was still confused about the incident because of the hit on his head. Ryan met a girl, Suzy. She was just about his age. Ryan spent a lot of time with her by getting to know her. Their relationship developed without them knowing. One day, he received a guest. It was his best-friend, Charlie who came to visit. Charlie brought a shocking news, saying that Emily was dating another guy. Heart-broken Ryan was upset about the news. His break-up with Emily was so bad until it made Ryan realize his relationship with Suzy. Afraid of what Suzy would think, Ryan kept his distance from her. One day, Ryan was in the cafeteria feeling exhausted on the bench. Suzy came into the picture. She brought salad and sandwich as her breakfast but she saw Ryan was having anything to eat so she felt bad. She kept her food aside and tried talking to Ryan. He was upset about his break-up where else Suzy was feeling pity for Ryan.

When Ryan was talking to Suzy, at one moment they kissed. Both Ryan and Suzy did not expect that to happen. From then they are officially boyfriend-girlfriend. After 3 years, when Ryan and Suzy are 20 years of age, they were released from juvenile after swearing in court to never commit a crime anymore. Ryan went to his home. He was excited for the way his family welcomed him. His family threw a party and invited many people. Ryan’s mother invited Emily, not knowing of their relationship break-up. At the party, when Emily and her new-boyfriend arrived, Ryan’s mother greeted them. Ryan was not aware of their arrival and was sitting on the sofa. Emily and her new boyfriend came and saw Ryan there with Suzy. Emily felt uncomfortable being around Ryan so she left the party leaving her boyfriend there. Her boyfriend recognizes Ryan and was feeling nervous.

This uncovers a mystery after Emily’s boyfriend, Dylan felt nervous after seeing Ryan. Ryan realizes that and follows Dylan into a public toilet (the party was at a mega-mall). He then questioned Dylan about why did he felt nervous after seeing Ryan. Dylan told the truth, which was Ryan being the scapegoat for an accidental murder. Ryan was furious realizing his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend is the person who sent him to jail. A supposed-to-be joyful party became sour after the truth is exposed. There’s nothing Ryan could do unless Dylan makes a confession. Dylan is not a fool to make the confession. The only way is tricking Dylan to confess. He has to be smart into tricking Dylan as they are all in college now. After telling Suzy about the murder, Ryan plotted a plan with Suzy to trap Dylan. First, Suzy tries to tell Emily that she is dating a murderer but Emily won’t believe. Then, Emily was shown the photo of the victim. Emily recognizes the victim as Ryan’s enemy (during the school days) also the victim once had a crush on Emily which made Ryan angry.

Emily knew Dylan’s three best-friends who always were tagging along with him. They were Stu, Archie and Nick. Emily did not realize that they were involved with the murder. So Emily questions those three. They finally told the truth on a recorder. Ryan was on top of the world when he received the information that the people committed the murder would be punished. Stu and Archie ran away to Idaho after knowing their names would be blown. Dylan and Nick had no choice to give up. Ryan had a heart of gold so he destroyed the only evidence they had which was the recorder. He thought that there is no point of punishing them because it was an accident which happened three-years ago and Ryan himself had taken the punishment. Dylan and Nick were so grateful to Ryan’s cool action that made them all best-friends. Emily was forgiven by Ryan but not Dylan. She was forgiven by Ryan. Ryan and Emily are now just friends but things with Suzy got better and more romantic. THE END.