Author: Rizzal Hopper
Written on 1st June 2012

During late night, Justin walked the park with his girlfriend, Selena. No one knows where he was going and who he was going with. Justin is a playboy; this is because he dumped every girl he dated after only 2 days. But Justin broke his record by staying with Selena for more than 3 days. As they walked the park, they found a baby near a trashcan. The baby was hideous and ugly. Justin was so angry till he wanted to slap the baby and throw it near the river. But Selena stopped him and hoped he won’t torture the poor baby. So Selena took the baby and went to a police station.

As Justin and Selena entered the station with the baby, the policeman misunderstood the situation and thought the baby was born because of Justin and Selena. The police officer did not give them a chance to speak, therefore brought them to the lock-up. They were kept in there for 3 days since Friday because the court will be closed during the weekends. Justin was bailed out of jail by his mother and was taken back to his home where he was given advice about pre-marital sex. Selena was left in jail because she did not have anyone except her 26-year old brother, James. But James was too busy with his girlfriend and did not bother about Selena.

The policeman felt pity for Selena so he gave her warning to not do such things anymore. He let Selena go without bail or court order. Selena went back to Justin’s house where she found Justin’s mother, Coleen slamming the door at her face. Selena thought Coleen was being harsh for thinking Selena mothered a baby with Justin but she did not actually did that. The baby was sent to Justin’s house doorstep as they thought he was the father. Coleen took care of the baby. Selena came through Justin’s window at the back of his house and entered the room.

Justin and Selena left the house and went to hang out at a club. Selena was drunk and Justin took advantage. After sometime, Selena was pregnant. This time she is actually pregnant. Coleen took her to the hospital although she disliked Selena. Coleen had no choice because Selena is the mother to Coleen’s grandchild. The baby was born and given the name, Matthew. After a while, Selena moved in with the Biebers. Although suggestions from Coleen, Selena does not want to marry Justin but remains as his girlfriend.

Justin was walking in the park where he met another girl, Katy. Justin was attracted to her. They talked and started arranging meetings. They were very close to each other. After sometime, Katy finally fell in love with Justin. Soon, they arranged a meeting at a shopping mall. They kissed in the theatre before getting caught by Selena. Selena was so mad. So currently, Selena and Katy, both are in love with Justin, the playboy and father to Selena’s child. The argument became bigger until Selena pushed Katy off the rooftop at the shopping mall. Katy was eventually found dead.

The murder was witnessed by many people at the shopping mall. Selena and Justin found themselves in hot water. Selena was sent to jail again. Justin was also found guilty for having another baby. Both of them were in prison again. They argued until Selena slapped Justin. Justin gave Selena a goodbye kiss before she was sent to court for her punishment. Justin was sent to a counselling session instead of court. As he got home, he told his mother about the happenings. James came to Justin’s house and beat the shit out of him. Coleen tried to stop James but she was end up slapped so hard till she fainted. James kidnapped Justin.

Justin woke up in James’ house and found his mother locked in a bathroom. Justin tried to fight back but he couldn’t because he is weaker and younger than James. James insisted he wanted his younger sister back in his house otherwise Justin’s mother will be shot to death and blame would be given to Justin. Justin does not know what to do because he knows that Selena is in court and will be sent to jail for 5-10 barnacle years.
After kidnapping Justin and Coleen, James is stupid enough to understand that Justin’s son, Matthew and the other baby are left at home without food. Justin begged James to allow him to feed his children. James ends up bringing the toddlers to his house. Justin was forced by James to go to a nearby river. James brought Justin to the river because it is a peaceful place. So after James and Justin pissing into the river, James asks Justin’s opinion on what will he do to rescue Selena. Justin suggested bringing James’ men to the police station and trashing the shit out of the cops.

Then they could rescue Selena. James disagreed because he and his men would end up in trouble. So he forced Justin into the police station to negotiate with the cop. Justin bribed the cop by giving him 3 dollars, bird-pooped chewing gum and a pair of slippers. The cop agreed with terms which is another person has to replace Selena in jail. Without the cop’s knowledge Justin placed a scarecrow in the lock-up to replace Selena.

As Selena and Justin left the station to come to her home, Justin was hugged and kissed by James before finding out that James is gay. The cop was indeed mad after finding out that a scarecrow was in there instead of an accused. The next morning, Selena was found dead in Justin’s bed. Justin screamed like a girl before bringing his child and his mother to another place. Justin became the prime suspect. James swore to destroy Justin after cutting his parts. Justin could not run anywhere else because his place is surrounded with cops.
He tried telling the cops that he is innocent. The cops did not bother and took him to the station. He was given punishment which would send him to the gallows unless he proves himself innocent.

The question is who killed Selena? Holmes came to the rescue of Justin. Holmes, the detective investigated Selena. First he investigates about Selena’s family where he found James. Holmes found out about James’ alibi. James was in a hotel room with his ex-girlfriend. Therefore, James is innocent. Justin and his family are the prime suspect. But still Holmes found out about another shocker, Justin’s ex-classmate who is Justin’s arch enemy and had a crush on Selena, Logan. His finger-prints seem to be on Selena’s body.

Logan was taken in by the cops as they had solid evidence. Holmes was thanked for rescuing Justin from the gallows. At the end of the day, Justin and his mother prayed for Selena. This was a memory they could not forget. After 15 years, Justin told his children, Matthew and his step-sister, Joanna, the baby found at the dumpster about the incidents. At the time, Coleen was no more; Matthew and Joanna are 17 years and 18 years old while Matthew, just like his father, had 3 girlfriends. THE END