Author: Rizzal Hopper
Written on 24th April 2011

Wayne and Victoria are a couple who earns billions of dollars every day and lived in a big six-storey bungalow. They have an elevator in the bungalow. They do not have children.  One morning, Victoria decided to go to the national museum of France to view the priceless sculptures and paintings leaving Wayne at work. She wanted to see the divine art of Mona Lisa. Victoria took a plane to France since money was not a problem. Later on, she took the bus from Marseille; there was a heavy traffic so she got off the bus and decided to walk to the museum by herself as she realized that she neared the museum. She entered the museum with an exhausted expression on her face. The museum was wide and packed with visitors and tourists.

Victoria saw a man there standing next to the guardhouse; Victoria was familiar with the man, he happened to be her ex-boyfriend. Victoria was shocked that she met her ex-boyfriend, David Beckham in France.  Victoria decided to talk to David nearby the museum bill board; David was unexpectedly surprised to meet his ex-girlfriend after they broke-up four years ago for fraud which Victoria found out about. Victoria spoke with David then later on, she decided to leave Wayne and get married to David. Then three days later, Victoria asked for a divorce form and signed it and then gave the form to Wayne, he did not know anything about Victoria’s trip to the museum, Victoria’s ex-boyfriend nor Victoria’s plan to marry David. Wayne was in shock that Victoria did not love him anymore so he too signed the divorce form and the next day they went for the divorce interview. So a week later, Victoria engaged to David.

They got married the next day, they were so happy. David bought a large condominium from a young and horror-looking guy, and then the next day, they cleaned up their new house till Victoria found a plank of board. It has alphabets, numbers, symbols and two words written “YES or NO” on it. David said that it was an Ouija board; he said that the Ouija board was used to summon and communicate with evil spirits. So Victoria was daring to play the Ouija board with her husband, but David was not dared to do it until Victoria called him a chicken. So twelve o’clock sharp midnight, they switched off all the lights and placed the Ouija board in front of them. They lit candles around them. Then they took a coin and placed it on the board, they took drops of blood from each other and placed it on the coin. Then they put their finger on the coin, and then they called out to the spirits. Then suddenly few minutes later, they pushed the coin to write a question “What is your name?” nothing happened, but suddenly one by one of the candles started to go off. The coin on the board moved “I HAVE NO NAME”, then that was the moment both of them tried to run out of their house.

But the door was unable to open, it had a strong force. They were both scared and helpless, they tried to jump out of the window but the window was like suddenly invincible. They were panicking; they did not know what to do. Then the next moment they realized that something was hanging on the ceiling, David felt something touching his head from above. When he looked up, a pure-white face lady was hanging upside down from above; the lady’s hair was touching David’s head. He was shocked till he fainted, then Victoria too fainted after that. The next morning, Victoria woke up in her home while realizing that David was gone and the whole condominium had blood-splats everywhere, everything was mixed up, the furniture were broken and smashed, even the wallpapers came off. Victoria was scared, so she decided to find David; she was searching high and low, then she even report to the police station. She was hungry so she went to the restaurant below her condominium, and wanted to order a sandwich. But suddenly, the waiter looked suspicious. Just the moment, Victoria wanted to give the order but suddenly the waiter was upset, he took a sky diving blow onto the table where Victoria was sitting at. Victoria was shock, the waiter rage towards Victoria to bite her, but Victoria took an old lady’s walking stick and started hitting the waiter.

Then she went back to the condominium. She wanted to play the Ouija board to explain to the spirit. So she switched off the lights and placed candles around her. Then she cut her finger to drop blood on a coin, and then she summoned the spirit with certain words that should not be used. But if she wants to communicate with spirits, must have minimum two people to play the board. So there he is, Wayne just in the nick of time. So Wayne and Victoria played the game and asked “Where Is David”, the candles started to blew off, and then suddenly the coin moved “SUWA AVENUE SAVE HIM OR DIE”. So they both went to SUWA Avenue to find for David when they saw David hanging on the top of a windmill, he was found dead. They were all so sad, but suddenly the windmill started shaking and it was like going to topple. They took David’s body and ran away from there. Then the next day, they did a funeral for David. Victoria was crying while Wayne was so happy that David is dead so that he could love Victoria again. Then three weeks later, they married and later they got a child. The child’s name was OUIJA EVANS, The End.