Author: Rizzal Hopper
Written on 7th December 2009

It was twelve o’clock; Rajiv was exhausted since he ran away from a kidnapper at the park. The kidnapper was hideous, which cause Rajiv to be scared. He was feeling a little thirsty so he sneaks to the pub to drink beer; the pub wasn’t packed with people since it was a little late. His parent’s doesn’t know that he drinks. The bartender did not bother that Rajiv was under age because he needs more customers. So Rajiv drank two glass of beer and took two packet of cocaine, after that Rajiv realized it was getting more late so he decided to go home.

On the way, Rajiv passed by an abandoned house. Next door is his best friend, Lucy Lee’s house. Rajiv decided to take a rest at the abandoned house since he saw that the gate was open. He was entering the abandoned house through the door at thirty minutes past twelve o’clock. At that moment, he was drunk in the abandoned house. He was just about to faint since he was too drunk, he saw an OLD LADY there! And she did not have EYES!

The next day, Rajiv woke up in Lucy’s house. He was having a weird scar on his face! It looks like a bite. He felt his body was quite heavy. Then he explained to Lucy about that night. Lucy told Rajiv that the abandoned house was actually a haunted house; Lucy also said that the house was owned by a family two years. One of the family members is the old lady which Rajiv saw. They played the Ouija Board that summoned evil spirits, one of them took off the finger that causes the spirit to get into the body. So the person killed the rest of the family and suicide the next day.

Since then, everyone who lived in that neighborhood titled that house as Haunted House 157 because it was on lot 157. Rajiv and Lucy decided to visit the Haunted House in a group in the middle of the night. So they called their friends to join the group, there were six of them who are Rajiv, Lucy, Mathan, Cassandra, Sarmmila and Lewis Ong. Each pair are boyfriend and girlfriend, Rajiv loves Cassandra, Mathan loves Sarmmila and Lewis Ong loves Lucy Lee. So the six of them entered the house, they went in then suddenly the door closed by ITSELF! They were scared. In the dark, Rajiv realized that there are SEVEN of them! As the group captain, Rajiv was scared and peed in his pants. He fell on the floor, and Lucy fell on him. Rajiv decided to escape from there since he was a coward but unfortunately the door was stuck like a spirit was pushing the door. Rajiv tried to find the seventh person but then there are only six once again.

Later on, Rajiv used his mobile phone to call for help but his mobile phone had no line and also credit. So he asked the others whether they had mobile phones, but no one had mobile phones. So they decided to take a look upstairs except for Rajiv. Lucy and Mathan decided to take the second room while the rest take the third room upstairs. Suddenly while Rajiv was waiting downstairs, his mobile phone rang. The caller I.D. written “UNKNOWN WORLD” and the number was “06210311 2012”, he did not know who could it be so he tried answering the call. But when click on the answer button, he fainted. He did not even scream. So Lucy was upstairs searching for clues while Mathan and Sarmmila secretly kissing in the bathroom. Lewis Ong and Cassandra decided to go back downstairs from the third room when suddenly Rajiv appeared with his HEAD TWISTED AROUND! Both of them were screaming of fright while Lucy just walks around and relaxes herself. She could not here the other two screaming because the walls are soundproof.

The Rajiv in the third room was not really Rajiv, it was zombie! So Lewis pushed the zombie Rajiv to the stairs and it fell down the stairs. So they decided to leave but they need to gather the group to get out of the house. So that’s what they planned to do, they gathered Mathan and Sarmmila, Lucy but still they could not find Rajiv. They searched everywhere but they couldn’t find him, but finally they went downstairs, they saw Rajiv fainted on the floor. Cassandra cried for Rajiv, so they decided to carry Rajiv back home. But just then, a weird looking, red eyed, pure-white body, black dressed lady crawled down the stairs slowly. They were scared as it was like the world was going to end. So they carried Rajiv and threw him out the window to break the window, so then they went out the window with full relief. Rajiv’s pants was dirty from the back, so he wanted to go to the “bank” and “deposit” some “cash” from his “account”. Rajiv dropped his mobile phone in the house and was thinking twice to get it back, THE END.