Author: Rizzal Hopper
Written on 8th August 2013

Jake K. Pearson is a 17-year-old young man. He truly is in love with music, which designs his interest to become a famous singer someday. Jake lived with his single mother and younger brother, Caleb in Seattle until their mother became a drug-addict and she was sent to a camp to help with her drug-issues. Since Jake's mother was sent off, he and his brother will have to be taken in under his uncle's wings. Their uncle isn't doing well because of his gambling-addiction and loan-sharks chasing him around because of his debts. Jake had no choice but to stay with his troublesome uncle and aunty in a small-house by the hillside. He would also have to shift schools to a nearer one, so he shifted to Rob and Jane High School.

In a way, Jake was a poor kid because he couldn't afford his meal thanks to his uncle and aunty who are broke didn't gave him his allowances. He was sitting hungrily in the canteen pretending to be sleeping on the table but he was really sad and was tear-dropping. A guy approached Jake and offered him some food, Jake accepted it. They skipped class after recess and left the school to go to the mall and played arcade games. Since then, Jake and the guy, Austin were best friends. They skipped school every day by climbing the school fence and going different places including clubs and cafes. One day, they were caught skipping school by the principal and were given suspensions. But the boys didn't care because they had no one to tell them what to do. Caleb too was following their footstep by skipping classes in middle school to go to the internet cafe downtown. Jake had his driving license so the boys stole a car and went speeding down to 240km/h on the highway. Unfortunately, the polices were there chasing them from behind. These boys panicked and drove into the jungle hence crashed the car into a tree.

They were stuck there. The car was destroyed into pieces, it was impossible for them to fix the car by themselves. Luckily they stole the car and were not caught by the police. If they were caught, they will have to be in juvenile for a year and prison for around 10 years. In the jungle, they didn't back out to the main-road because they were afraid that the police might be there so they went deeper into the jungle to a village. They freshened up and left the village to their houses. Jake's uncle left America to be hiding somewhere in Norway since the loan-sharks sent thugs to his work-place to gun him down. Jake's aunty wanted to stay in her mother-in-law's house for safety so she left. She didn't take Jake and Caleb with her because she didn't want any burden. Jake and Caleb were left alone. Jake told Austin this and Austin told his parents to allow Jake and Caleb to stay in their house. Therefore, Austin's parents approved Jake to stay there with his brother.

Austin's parents are rich and have 12 children including Austin himself. They are very rich that they made 6 of their children to live together with them in one large bungalow while the other 6 children including Austin get to live in another large bungalow on the opposite street alone. Most of the 6 children are already old enough to take care of themselves. Austin's parents who are rich caused them to be ignorant of their own children and not caring, this is what causing Austin to be a spoilt brat. One day, when Austin and Jake was on the way to school, they saw a man beating up another man. The boys assaulted the man with wooden-planks. The victim was very grateful to the boys so he took the boys to a cafe and bought the boys burgers and drinks. They introduced each other and started talking. The man said he was a producer in a record label who was looking for young-talents. Jake was excited to see a producer because he is very talented at singing but couldn't find a shot at the big-time. Jake told the producer that he wanted to be a singer and was ready to commit into the limelight. At first, the producer was taking it as a joke but then he saw Jake's seriousness. Jake started singing, the producer was really impressed. He thought that signing Jake to record deal was a big-risk but then he was desperate to sign a young-talent so he had no choice to sign him. The producer wanted to meet Jake's parents before moving on, but he found out about the problem. Since Jake's only guardians were his aunty and uncle who are away, his aunty had to sign the release document to allow the producer to adopt Jake and Caleb as his own sons. Therefore, the producer finally brought them to L.A.. Before leaving, Jake told the producer to bring his friend Austin to L.A. and educate them by bringing in professional tutors.

The producer hesitated but then finally he said 'Very well'. Jake was asked to record a demo first. The producers had song-writers giving Jake the lyrics, he recorded them in the studio. A friend of Jake's producer was there listening to Jake record. He was also a producer from another record label. 13 songs were recorded and made the demo titled 'Expiration Date'. Jake was very happy that he recorded a full demo which was sent to the record label owner, Mr. Lance Mario. Jake will only know the result after a week because Mr. Lance will have his supervisors to listen to the demo. The producer asked Jake to kick-back for a while and wait for the result. He was so happy. Jake took Austin to take a tour around L.A. and visited many recording and film studios. They met many popular celebrities there.

Drake, Kanye West, One Direction and more were met by the boys there. They collected the autographs there and went sky-diving with One Direction. They had the best times of their lives. Jake suddenly received a phone-call from his producer about the demo. Jake's demo was not selected so he cannot sign the record deal which would take his career to higher heights.  The producer said 'I'm sorry, kid' and decided to send the boys back home to Seattle.  But their limo ride was screwed so the producer had to keep them in L.A. till the next day. At night, when Jake and the boys were asleep, someone was knocking on the door at their temporary condominium. Jake opened the door and saw his producer's friend who is also a producer there. He said that he heard the news that Jake will not be signed. The producer's friend, Mr. Preston said Jake was an 'amazing' singer and was deserved to be signed to a record label. He said that he will give Jake a chance of retaining his Hollywood dream by making another demo.

Jake left with Mr. Preston alone to another studio to record his new demo. The lyrics of his tracks are not written by other song-writers but himself. He wrote all of the songs during school and decided to use those in his demo. The demo was incredible, says Mr. Preston. He gave the demo to his record label owner and received an incredible answer after a week. Jake was finally selected to sign for the record deal which includes 3 albums. He was so happy. To celebrate, Jake invited everyone and said that they could invite any 5 people they know to a party in a big bungalow house he rented. There, Jake met a girl, Carla. They both started dating and fell in love with each other. Carla was a singer too from a different record label. They went to clubs and partied together. They even recorded a single together, which was 'Die For You (feat. Jake Pearson)' by Carla. The song topped the billboard for 8 weeks. Carla already released an album and 3 singles but Jake didn't release anything yet so the single with Carla was his first official song as an featured artist. Mr. Preston said the single was a great publicity for Jake and will help boost his career. Jake was so eager to record and release his first album but the record company said it will take few months before the album could actually be recorded because they wanted some publicity for Jake and needed to spread the word out before allowing the first album.

Jake and Austin had their own professional tutors but Caleb was sent to a middle-school because he refused to sit at home just to study instead of being in an sociable-environment at school. The middle-school was a special one for famous celebrities although Caleb isn't a celeb, he gained admission to the school because his brother is in the music-industry and his producer who had lots of 'ka-ching'. Caleb was a new-student at the school so few senior-students bullied him and assaulted him with eggs and stuffed hot-sauce down his pants. He was a very brave boy so Caleb refused to be beaten down and attacked one of the seniors. No matter what Caleb does, the seniors are still stronger than him. They were pissed that Caleb attacked one of their guys so they brought him out of school and trashed him there. After, they threw him into the drain. Caleb was bleeding badly, luckily a man passed by and rushed him to the hospital. When Jake found out about this, he went straight to the hospital to get some information about the guys who did that. Caleb told him that it was the seniors in his new-school. Jake and Austin brought some of their home-town 'gangsta' boys and went to find for the seniors at the school.

Jake and his gang dragged the seniors outside of the school and wacked them until one of them fell unconscious. The police entered the scene before taking Jake and his gang to jail. The boys had to sleep in jail for two-nights. Jake get the 'celebrity cell' while the others get the regular one. Jake's manager and/or producer came by to get them out on bail. Then they left to the studio to get terrible scolding. The record company owner, Mr. Dasto had shouted at Jake because of him getting a bad image before even releasing his first album. Since Jake already signed his record deal with the company, Mr. Dasto can only advice him on not to get bad images. Dating Carla gave Jake a good image as a popular singer's boyfriend but engaging in a fight made Jake to become 'Hollywood's new badboy'. That is only an advantage for getting young-female fans but the adults will not go with this. Jake had no choice to listen to his boss and went to meet Carla. He went to Carla's recording studio where she is currently recording her new single with Lil Wayne. Jake had to watch Carla recording from outside the recording-booth with the producer, the music-mixer and the song-writers.

Carla's producer was not happy that she and Jake are dating due to the fact that Jake is a badboy. The producer planned to sabotage Jake's relationship with Carla. The producer told Carla to dump Jake for a more popular singer so that her publicity will rise to the top. He chose Drake Bell who is also signed to the record company to 'fake-date' with Carla. Fake-Dating in Hollywood meaning celebrities dating just to gain publicity in front of the paparazzi but their relationship is just like business-dealing which isn't real. Carla refused to dump Jake, so she told him of the situation. Jake says that the producer is right and she should dump him for Drake Bell to gain publicity. So she decided to pretend to date Drake in front of the fans but actually she still loves Jake. They both hangout together privately and not in front of the paparazzi such as at their homes or the studio. It was finally time for Jake to record his first album titled 'Don't Care'.

All the lyrics were written by Jake himself for two-whole weeks. 20 songs were recorded but only 12 made the album. The songs are 'Make Me Go Crazy', 'Don't Care', 'Unforgettable', 'Beauty of Love', 'Heartstorm', 'Addicted to You', 'It's Not Me', 'How to Party', 'Fading Away', 'Yeah', 'What I Don't Know About Heartbreak' and 'Last Love'. The first three songs are released as singles then the seventh-track will also be released as a single. After Jake finished recording the entire album, it was given to the record company. The company then announced the release date of the album and the concert-tour date which the concert will be taking place one day after the release of the album which is in 2 months. Jake was so happy that he was going on a concert-tour. He asked Carla to go on the tour with him. Also the company had scheduled many famous artists such as Katelyn Tarvor, Austin Mahone and Jake Miller to perform in the concert-tour. Jake is finally living his dream as a Pop-Star.

He took his new Porsche with Austin and his brother to visit his mother at the camp somewhere in Mississippi. She wasn't doing well, all she could see and want is her drugs. She couldn't even recognize her children. Jake knew she was left with no hope of recovery. Then they went to see their aunty in their grandparents house somewhere in a city near the campsite. Jake's aunty was so happy to see her brand-new pop-star nephew who is now a celebrity. Jake was angry that she abandoned them for her selfishness but he was also thankful because of her, Jake and Austin are best-friends, they met the producer on the road and Jake is now famous. Anyways, they left Mississippi and headed back to Los Angeles. Jake's aunty had begged him to take her to L.A. and let her to stay there but he refused because she is not his guardian anymore. But still Jake gave her 2,000 dollars as a family gift. After they went back home, Jake went to meet Carla and told her to ignore haters. He told her to ignore what people say about their relationship and dump the fake-dater. Carla agreed but her managing producer didn't. But she ignored the producer and told him that if he continues to disagree, he will be fired. So the producer had to keep his mouth shut. As two months passed, Jake's album finally has been released to the market, iTunes and worldwide stores. More than 100,000 of the album were distributed to stores around the world. The next day, Jake went on tour with his sweet-heart, Carla.

Jake was amazed to see thousands of fans at the concert in Madison Square Garden. He sang the first 5 songs then the remaining songs were sang by the both of them, Jake and Carla. The opening act was by Katelyn Tarvor. Jake went to many places to perform at concerts. He was an internet sensation already having the number one trend 'Jarla' which meant the relationship of Jake and Carla. Millions of people around the world watched his songs on YouTube. Jake was a big-shot celebrity already. After the concert-tour ended, Jake and Carla went for a vacation in New-Zealand. They came back few weeks later. Jake was ranked number 89  out of 100 on Forbes List of the Most Powerful Celebrities 2020 and his relationship with Carla made them the 74th hottest couple in Hollywood voted by Maxim. Jake was asked take up movie roles to enhance his publicity to a higher level. He starred in a romantic movie as the main-star's best-friend. That movie went on for 6 months for shooting and was finally released.

After all the hustle and bustle, Jake decided to take a break from his stardom life. He left L.A. to go live in Seattle with his brother and best-friend and tried to be a normal guy once again instead of a crazy Hollywood star. He visited his father in North Carolina. His parents were divorced and went separate ways. He can only see his father once every 3 months according to a court-order. Therefore, Jake decided to live in Seattle in his old house for around a year before going back to L.A. to record his second album. The three boys came back to their old school for year. Carla and Jake maintained their distant-relationship and meet each-other everyday although L.A. and Seattle are quite far. After a year, Jake goes back to L.A. to take control of Hollywood once again and release his second album, 'Beauty and a Beat'. THE END.